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I'm pretty sure I inherited the green thumbs from both my grandmothers.

My interest in plants is both botanical and agricultural. I am quite interested in plant breeding, and could see myself living on a farm one day. Also I believe that agriculture is a crucial survival skill.

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March 2024 - My First TPS Report 🥔
2023 - Growing Colourful Sweet Corn 🌽
September 2022 - Potato and Zucchini Garden Update 🥔


Joseph Lofthouse: a small scale farmer advocating a return to simpler plant breeding practices. I read his book, it explains radical, but simultaneously logical ideas.
Return to Resistance by Raoul Robinson, a free ebook about how we've been approaching pest and disease resistance in plants wrong.
Living Mudflower Blog, an Australian garden blog. I first found his gardening blog a long time ago via this post.
Alan Kapuler, a bit of a hippie, but a man with some revolutionary plant breeding work.