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Plants are Cool and Stuff

I inherited the green thumbs from both my grandmothers.

The future is now thanks to science

Most plants we grow today look nothing like what our distant ancestors would have grown. Look what has been done: corn from teosinte grass, cruciferous vegtables from wild mustard, colourful carrots from woody ancestors, and artichokes from thistles.

A peasant's head would explode if they saw what we've done to plants.For example, the romanesco broccoli, that grows in a visible (and trippy) fractal shape. [Romanesco]


Joseph Lofthouse: a small scale farmer advocating a return to simpler plant breeding practices.

Return to Resistance by Raoul Robinson, a free ebook about how we've been approaching pest and disease resistance in plants wrong. On that website, there are also some free books by his brother, on how we've been approaching philosophy wrong, that I plan to read.

Living Mudflower Blog: I first found this gardening blog a long time ago, and rememeberd it for long enough to come back to it probably 4 years later. There's some pretty neat botany to see.

The school of hard knocks. Nothing teaches you better than failure. For example: I discovered that planting corn in midsummer is dumb. The plants don't have enough time in cool weather to grow a good, deep root system and grew only 6 inches tall.

Red gardens on youtube