Brady's Site

Welcome to Casa Brady

I am currently an Aerospace Engineering student. Welcome to my personal website.

You probably know me from University, Catholic Church, Elementary/High School, or Air Cadets.

I am Canadian.


🎷 Saxophone
🌾 Gardening
🪐 Space

Think of me as a proto-Mark Watney.


To produce high-quality output, you require high-quality input. I am not the Delorean from Back to the Future II, I cannot run on garbage. The same negative feelings I have gotten from drinking a litre of pepsi beore noon, I am beginning to feel after internet overuse.

Hyperstimulating content is bad for us, and therefore this website is deliberatley simple.


March of 2022, I started my own website. Check out the blog and cat portals.

In 2014, I wrote a 🧮 message encoder with my Dad. I updated in early 2022 to encode more characters.