Why I have a Website (& why You Should)

Posted: May 15, 2022

Tired of Being the Product

"If you aren't paying for a product, you are the product"
There are attention engineers in silicon valley using casino addiction techniques to keep users active. I have found myself wasting hours at a time.
Instead of letting social media profit from my time, I have elected to pay for a website. I believe that the costs assiciated are about comparable.

Intrusive Advertising

I have recieved advertisements that are creepily on-point. Once I received an ad for tutoring with the course code of a class I was in as part of the ad.

Need to Create

You can either consume content or create content. I spend to much time consuming, and a website will help me to start creating content.

Why a blog? (cringe)

Honestly, a blog is the retro-cool way to share thoughts with the world. The difficulty in creating a post forces more organization and mental coherence than 140 character opinion blasts.

Why is it so simple?

Because I want to do it myself. Html, php, css and js, the basis of this site are the foundations of the net, and I don't mind learning how to use it. It might even turn out to be a useful skill.


Fear Of Missing Out
I have email on this website and will prefer to use text and call more. If I know you in person, ask and I'll give you my phone number.

Anti-social Media

I would only ever post cat photos as posts. Despite not caring about how many likes I get, I kind of still care. Their tictok-esque features are addicting.

The Facebook
I only have an account for facebook messenger. Most of what I see is someone tagging somebody in an unfunny meme or people posting wordle scores every day.

There is an expectation there to immediately respond, and I don't vibe with that. Because of this, I have a 3-digit "snap score" (hillariously low), and tend to leave people on read.

Twitter is funny to look in on as an outsider. I believe it is a fine thing for Elon Musk to have bought Twitter, but I'm still not making an account.

I find Twitch too boring. If I wanted long-form content I would listen to a podcast.

It is well known that tiktok is chinese spyware and a leading cause of mental illness.

I quit Reddit a while ago after r/minecraft was mean to me for posting a texture pack I made myself.

Kind of useful at times but also content overload. Huge waste of time for me but also the hardest to cut out.

Well known to be a hotspot for degeneracy. Aesthetically, I also kind of just don't really like it.

Call to Action

If you've ever considered making a website I would recommend to Just Do It.

I have discovered as I have been building my site that it really isn't terribly difficult. Some of the resources I would recommend would be:
HTML and CSS for Basic Webpages by Luke Smith for an overview of internet basics.
Landchad.net for a comprehensive guide on domain name registration, site hosting, and more.
The rest of the internet, with searches like center align text html.
Using the inspect element tool to plagarize ditectly from my website (or from better websites than mine).