Seasons Poem

A Poem About the Seasons

Posted: March 7, 2022. Originally written: 2016

This poem was originally written for a middle school lunchtime creative writing club. I was able to find the original notebook, but discovered that the pages had been lost and probably destroyed a long time ago. Somehow it stuck with me enough to want to recreate it as my first blog post.

We awaken from our deep slumber to find
beautiful colours bursting forth,
bringing joy into the gaze of all.
The trees bloom as the fields redecorate,
bringing beautiful birdsong to the backyard

As time goes on, the world becomes greener
beauty begetting increasingly detailed beauty
a feedback loop between the landscape and the sunset.
And as each day darkens two types of stars appear
stars of the forest and stars of the sky
to show us that we are not alone.

The trees are the first to turn in,
tired from providing shade day and night.
Their colour show finale puts the flowers to shame
the approaching mundane brown and grey stops nothing,
as celebrations of life, harvest and fortune continue
winding down until the last leaf falls

Upon the world descends a thick, fluffy blanket
giving us time to think, to plan and to learn
the blanket can be folded into whatever you like
but the blanket is there for a reason,
to shelter us while we wait

And as we wait, we prepare for when:

We awaken from our deep slumber