All about Tiger

Kitten of Brownie and Fluffy.
Tiger was born on May 16th, 2019.

Tiger and the rest of her kitten friends.

A long haired, cute kitty.

Tiger wandering around indoors.

For a long while it seemed as though she had trouble seeing out of one eye. It seems as though she no longer has that problem.

Tiger hangin with Gus.


When she was a kitten, Tiger was a very playful kitty.

Tiger hanging out with her papa Fluffy.

Now, Tiger now sneaks into my room to nibble at my plants

Tiger and the other cats always come to munch at my plants.

Tiger has always been a goofy cutie.

Tiger playing with a die.


Now that Tiger is a bit older, she is more of a sleepy kitty.

Tiger sleeping on a chair at the dinner table.

By everywhere I mean everywhere.

Tiger sleeping on the foam from inside a cushion.

In her old age, and with the arrival of Mittens, Tiger has become a bit of a grunpy cat.

Besties with her Momma

All the kittens were friends with Brownie so it was nice that one of her kittens got to stay.

Brownie laying around with a sleepy Gus, Nemo, and Tiger.

Maybe sleepyness is hereditary, as it's Brownie and Tiger's favourite passtime.

Sleeping on the foot of my bed, Brownie and Tiger.

Bonus Cute Photo

Tiger and the kittens in a cute pile.