All about Mittens

New kitten in the house, adopted December 2021.

Mittens shortly after we got him.


Being the new kitten, he is a bit of a troublemaker.

Mittens pestering Brownie.

The other cats have excape plans to get away from his pestering.

Tiger's go-to escape plan is often this windowsill.


Mostly my fault, but Mittens has a bit of a hankering for people food.

Here I am feeding Mittens a bit of pancake.

He now begs for people food every time we eat.

Mittens pestering for macaroni right out of the pot.

But it's cute so we don't really mind. His favourites seem to be Potatoes and Eggs.

Mittens Today

Mittens is starting to get along with the other cats (mostly at dinnertime).
He is still a kitten, and therefore a big goofball.

My little brother insisted I include this picture of Mittens. It's our favourite picture of him.

Mitten's Munchy Matrix

Mittens likes eating Bugs, and runs to the inside crack of the front door to get first pick of any bugs that sneak inside.

Buggy Picture Rating
Cabbage Caterpillar 7/10, fun to watch walk around
Ladybug 1/10, BORING!! too many of them, especially at harvest time
Fly 4/10, Hard to chase but a good hunt
Slug 3/10 squishy 🤢
Squash Vine Borer Larva 8/10 Big Bug and tasty too.
Black Cricket (I may have the wrong bug here) 4/10, would be a 6/10 but one of them bit me in the nose once

All* of these photos are borrowed from wikipedia. Next year I will be able to take photos of these and hopefully they will also look a little less revolting.