Thoughts on Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a symptom of the attention economy. There is a need to feel subscribed to every thing you are interested to get instant updates. That being said... a subscription is signifigantly easier than having to search for what you want each time. And I'm flattered.


It is superior to email newsletters in every respect. That image is the quintessential of rss. Click on that icon for the link to my rss feed that you can copy into an rss reader. Rss is superior to email in every respect.

I have had great success using QuiteRSS on Windows, but there are plenty of options and they all do the same thing. Luke Bubar helped turn me onto rss and has a pretty comprehensible guide here that goes into more depth.

One thing I would like to add to Luke is Kill the Newsletter, an open source email newsletter to rss feed service. It has worked well to read Joel Salatin's blog.

If you do add my rss feed, change the feed update frequency to like 24 hours or 7 days out of courtesy. You won't miss out on much since I don't post frequently.