Why I have a Website (& why You Should)

Posted: May 15, 2022

Tired of Being the Product

"If you aren't paying for a product, you are the product"
There are attention engineers in silicon valley using casino addiction techniques to keep users active. I have found myself wasting hours at a time.
Instead of letting social media profit from my time, I have elected to pay for a website. I believe that the costs assiciated are about comparable.

Intrusive Advertising

I have recieved advertisements that are creepily on-point. How does the platform know the specific course code for a high school class I'm taking.

Need to Create

You can either consume content or create content. I spend to much time consuming, and a website will help me to start creating content.

Why a blog? (cringe)

A blog is the retro-cool way to share thoughts with the world. The difficulty in creating a post, forces more organization and mental coherence than 140 character opinion blasts.

Why is so simple?

Because I want to do it myself. Html, php, css and js, the basis of this site are the foundations of the net, and I don't mind learning how to use it.


Fear Of Missing Out
I have email on this website and will prefer to use text and call more. If I meet you in person, I'll give you my phone number.

Anti-social Media

I would only ever post cat photos as posts. Despite not caring about how many likes I get, I kind of still care. Their tictok-esque features are addicting.

The Facebook
Only exists to have messenger. Most of what I see is someone tagged somebody in an unfunny meme or someone posting their wordle every day.

I have a 3-digit snap score (hillariously low), and tend to leave people on read. There is an expectation there to immediately respond, and I don't vibe with that.

Twitter is funny to look in on as an outsider. It is a fine thing for Elon Musk to have bought Twitter, but I still do not want an account.

I find Twitch too boring. If I wanted to watch to long-form content I would listen to a podcast.

It is well known that tiktok is chinese spyware and a leading cause of mental illness.

I quit Reddit a while ago after r/minecraft was mean to me for posting a texture pack I made myself.

Kind of useful at times but also content overload. Huge waste of time for me but also the hardest to cut out.

Well known to be a hotspot for degeneracy. Aesthetically, I also kind of just don't really like it.

Call to Action

If you want to make a website I would recommend to Just Do It.

I have discovered as I have been building my site that it really isn't terribly difficult. Some of the resources I would recommend would be:
HTML and CSS for Basic Webpages by Luke Smith for an overview of internet basics.
Landchad.net for a comprehensive guide on domain name registration, site hosting, and more.
The rest of the internet, with searches like center align text html