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December 31 - End of Year Thoughts 🎊
November 22 - Upgrading to Graphene OS 📴

September 4 - A Mini-Article Blast 📋
August 7 - Dunbar's Number and (Instagram) Followers 😂
July 14 - The Power Process and Cheating in Minecraft ⛏️

June 24 - Sunken Cost Fallacy and Marvel Movies 📉
June 14 - Sending my Smartphone to Jupiter to Make it Stupider 🪐
June 6 - Plastic Plants are Stupid 🛢️
May 15 - Why I have a Website 🌐
May 4 - Life Requires Constant Growth 📈
April 17 - Be Careful Not to Nitpick the Bible ✝️

March 29 - Why I hate the McIntosh 🍎
March 7 - A poem about the seasons 🌷🌳🍂❄️

Idea Bank

💻 Why I hate Macs (the computer this time)
✊🏾🏳️‍🌈 On how woke advertisements feel insincere
🚀 Battlestar Galactica, human resilience and the overpopulation debate
🛡️💊 Winners don't do drugs - ☕🍺
Vices, and picking your scabs
🏛️ On the ineficiencies of government (and the phoenix pay system 🔥🐦)
╚═ Guest post by 🌐 dad maybe?
📚2️⃣ Why does everything need a sequel
and a rambling on why I won't purposefuly see avatar 2
🎬2️⃣ Why does everything need a sequel part 2
Comparing god to playing conway's game of life (probably heresy)
Does there need to be an international day for every single thing? 📅🧁
Related: does there need to be an emoji for everything?
Social media as the modern Borg collecitve
🕴🚓📺Thoughts on The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury
also the murderer (also bradbury)
Scientifically proving that Horoscopes are snake-oil
Sugar is Boingonium🐇🍪
thoughts on ramadan and fasting☪️
There are no radioactive spiders in real life🕷️
I miss being colour-blind ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Plants vs zombies is a better game than valorant 🌲🧟‍♂️
or, new video games suck and i don't know if its because of poor attention span or if it's all just nostalgia
Thoughts on why esperanto failed as a language🗣️
Music haters🎶
Do Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift Deserve the hate?👨‍🎤👩‍🎤
epic tangent about jazz🎷
Counterarticle so that I don't come across as a swiftie: on how 80's&90's music is better than modern pop📻
A thanks to Ernest Cline, Pascal and the Radio💿
Thoughts on 4chan as a cognitohazard
featuring the dream I had that had alex jones in it after watching a 3 hour Joe Rogan+Alex Jones podcast.
Why taking stuff apart (and then hopefully putting it back together is important).⚙️🏭
How I strongmanned myself into liking tomatoes 🍅
Now I'm doing this with spicy peppers🌶️
Muh fluoridated water 🚰
talking about how politics in canada is motivated by the us. It's like Canadians think theyre a US state
🚗 Cars is the greatest movie of all time.
Be bored again
Be amazing by not being an asshole
🦹‍♂️ Could Bad Examples be good for you?
Thoughts on the Godfather (after i watch it)
⏰ Cheating on your circadian rythym
🦖 The false idols of the dinosaurs
🕷 royal tyrell museum and thoughts on why big little thing = spooky
What was so dang special about the mezozoic?
🦕 Is science infallible? - A story about the brontosaurus or the apatosaurus...
2 different pleisiosaur fossils could be separated by a million years in time.
All tomorrows
Jurassic park 6 and Dinosaur Coexistance ☪️☮️🕉️✡️♊☯️✝️
📱 I want to throw my phone into a woodchipper
Be real app
Ipad kids
wap at water park
When man becomes god, it becomes neither
Philisophy and Bioshock
🌐 the Shallow knowledge of wikipedia

Gardening-related articles zone:🌱🌻🌿☘🌵🌷🍃🌳

How to make weeding (mentally) easy
☘ On leaves of three let it be and how that is a very sucky mnemonic
Why does every internet search on botany (hydroponics, landracing, polyploidy etc) eventually lead to marijuana?
Anger against GMO's by the organic gardening community